Collection of Evergreen Sentimental Movies To Steal Your Heart

Movies are a gateway to direct entertainment, where you feel you are transported back to a wonderland of fantasy. When we talk about movies, we all may agree to the fact that romance is one of the most beloved genres of all. It stood tall and remains a top priority of all the flick enthusiasts. 

The movie that effortlessly tugs at the spectator’s heartstrings, gets crowned with the title of an evergreen classic in the realm of Hollywood. With the ever-pouring content by the streaming platforms, Hulu keeps coming with exclusive content, but some epic classics still are dominant on these forums. 

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Her (2013)

Spike Jonez’s film, Her, is a prestigious award-winning film that revolves around the near future, where artificial intelligence has taken the shape of the human voice. Sounds familiar and happening, ain’t it? Here, Theodore Twombly, the protagonist, (Joaquin Phoenix), plays the role of a lonely and gloomy writer. 

Who finds comfort in bizarre stuff, an operating system, called Samantha, (voiced by Scarlett Johansson). The story reflects the idea of a poignant love of the modern era wonderfully, where the desperation and need for connection evolve amid the dominant isolation. 

Phoenix plays the role of the vulnerable Theodore incredibly and the tempting voice of Johannsson can make anyone fall for her, even if it is an AI. 

La La Land (2016) 

La la Land is a musical maestro created in modern times, giving the vibes of the classic era of Hollywood. Where two ambitious individuals, Mia (Emma Stone), an aspiring actress, and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), a Jazz musician, their paths cross, and fall head over heels in love with each other. But fate has a different plan. 

They both realize that they belong to a diverse path. And their charming love ended with a bittersweet conclusion. 

Before Sunrise (1995) 

Before Sunrise is one of the most cherished romance trilogy in the history of Hollywood. The film revolves around the idea of love blooming amid the bare chance that destiny gave two strangers to hop on a train. Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy). They both discover and learn about each other while time is running slowly which leads Jesse to catch a flight out of the country. 

The movie highlighted the notion of love at first sight and encapsulated the brilliantly told story, further expanding the fleeting love in the sequels gladly. 

Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind (2004) 

This amazing classic movie is certain to move you, as the leads Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey did an incredible job of portraying a couple that is willing to go to any lengths to discover true love and peace within.  The story circles the notion of a love that blooms despite the odds, following a breakup. 

Which leads them both to undergo surgery to erase their painful memories. The story beautifully captures how their love blooms, withered, and then rekindled in a heartwarming way. That this movie, even after the deceased, is still fresh and the aura is unmatchable.  

If you are in the mood for a not-so-ideal yet authentic love story, then opt for Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind. 

The Notebook (2004) 

Who has not heard about The Notebook? The ultimate romantic movie that has captivated audiences across the globe. The story centers around individuals belonging to two different societal statuses, Allie, played by Rachel McAdams, and Noah, played by Ryan Gosling. 

They both despite the contrasts fall in love with each other, but fate draws them apart for years. But eventually, circumstances begin to pull them together and lead them to have their bittersweet happily ever after. The movie is certain to leave you reaching for tissue papers, so keep the box near you! 

Pretty Women (1990) 

The film that just leveraged the career of Julia Roberts and made her an instant sensation, Pretty Women, remains a timeless classic over time. It depicts the light and heartwarming story of Richard Gere, an affluent businessman, and Julia Roberts, a hooker. They both encountered each other just by chance and since then, love was in the air. 

The movie beautifully represents how they both rescued each other and loved against overwhelming odds. 

Titanic (1997) 

This classic evergreen movie is a doomed love story which the spectators never get enough of, the wonderful lead actors, Kate Winslet as Rose, and Leonardo Di Caprio as Jack, played the roles of people with extremely opposite statuses, and fell in love on a voyage that is destined for a tragic fate. 

The movie bagged 11 Oscars and awards for Best Picture and the amazing song, which still has a chokehold on our hearts, Heart Will Go On. 

Wrapping Up 

No matter if you have already watched some of these incredible movies cited above, these have stood the test of time and have the potential to move the emotions even if you have seen it multiple times.