5 Simple Steps to Easily Pay Your PGVCL Electricity Bill Online

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We live in a digital era where time-saving techniques have become crucial for our fast-paced lives. Paying utility bills has also evolved over time, and online bill payments have gained traction in recent years due to their simplicity and efficiency. This article aims to guide you through the process of PGVCL bill pay, to make your life more convenient. Understanding the procedure allows for quicker and hassle-free bill payments, freeing up your valuable time.

Introduction to PGVCL

Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Ltd (PGVCL) is a leading electricity provider in India, serving millions of clients. The company has modernized its operation to provide convenient online payment methods to its users so that they no longer need to stand in physical queues. This practice saves time, conserves resources, and is more secure.

Online Payment Options for PGVCL

When paying your PGVCL bill, you can select a method that best suits your needs, including debit cards, credit cards, UPI, or various mobile wallets. Among these options, a stable and reliable platform is the Bajaj Finserv offering the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS).

Introduction to BBPS

BBPS is a digital platform recognised by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Bajaj Finserv’s BBPS is a comprehensive platform that makes online payments stress-free. By using this portal, you can handle not only your electricity bill but also other utility bills like water, gas, DTH, and more. 

Steps to Pay Your PGVCL Bill via BBPS

To help guide you through the process, here are five simple steps to effectively pay your PGVCL bill online via the BBPS platform on Bajaj Finserv.

1. Registration

First, visit the Bajaj Finserv website and register yourself if you’re a new user. If you’re an existing user, simply login to your account.

2. Navigation

After you have logged in, navigate to the ‘Pay Bill’ section. Here, you will find options for various utility bill payments.

3. Selection

Choose ‘Electricity’ from the list of options. A drop-down list will appear, from which you need to select ‘PGVCL’.

4. Bill Details

Enter your PGVCL account number and click on ‘Fetch Bill’. Your current bill details will be displayed on the screen. Check the details thoroughly before proceeding to payment.

5. Payment

Choose your preferred mode of payment from the options displayed. Once you have entered the necessary payment details, click on ‘Pay Now’.

Upon successful transaction, you will receive a payment confirmation on your registered email id and mobile number. It is indeed that simple and efficient to pay your PGVCL bill online through the BBPS platform on Bajaj Finserv.

Benefits of Online PGVCL Bill Payment

This digital advancement in seamless and straightforward electricity bill payment procedures not only takes care of your comfort and convenience but also ensures that you can keep track of your bills and manage them effectively without worrying about misplacement or late payments.

Paying your PGVCL bill online is reliable, swift, and secure. Further, the option of using Bajaj Finserv’s BBPS platform brings along advantages of quick bill fetching and instantaneous confirmations.


To sum it up, PGVCL bill pay has now become an incredibly easy task that you can complete from the comfort of your own home or anywhere at all! This online payment method simplifies your life, giving you more time to focus on other essential things.

So, the next time you need to clear your PGVCL electricity bill, hop onto your device and head to Bajaj Finserv’s BBPS portal for an effortless payment experience. You will be surprised at how much time and effort you can save when you switch to online electricity bill payments. The way forward is now time-conscious, secure, and digitally efficient. Give digital payments a try if you haven’t already, and revel in the convenience it offers.