What’s the best day of the week to do a launch?


Best Day for Product Launches

  1. Tuesday:
    • Industry Norm: Many businesses and tech companies prefer launching on Tuesdays. It provides time on Monday to prepare and address any last-minute issues. It also allows for a full work week to handle any post-launch activities.
    • Media Attention: Journalists and media outlets are typically more active at the beginning of the week, making it easier to gain media coverage.
    • Consumer Behavior: Studies indicate that consumer engagement and online activity are higher on Tuesdays compared to other weekdays​ (Admissions)​​ (Student Financial Services)​.
  2. Wednesday:
    • Mid-Week Advantage: Launching in the middle of the week can capture consistent attention without the rush of Monday’s backlog or the anticipation of the weekend. It also allows time to correct any issues before the weekend.
    • Productivity Peak: Research suggests that employee productivity peaks mid-week, meaning your team might be more effective in managing the launch and responding to any challenges​ (Student Financial Services)​.

Other Considerations

  1. Audience and Industry:
    • Consumer Products: For consumer-focused products, consider when your target audience is most likely to engage. For example, weekends might be better for leisure and entertainment products.
    • B2B: For business-to-business products, weekdays are generally better as businesses are more likely to make purchasing decisions during work hours.
  2. Avoiding Certain Days:
    • Monday: Often seen as the worst day due to the general busyness and backlog from the weekend.
    • Friday: Many avoid launching on Fridays as mepco online bill people are winding down for the weekend, and media coverage can be minimal.
  3. Holidays and Events:
    • Major Holidays: Avoid launching near major holidays when people are likely to be away from work or distracted by holiday activities.
    • Industry Events: Align your launch with industry events or avoid clashes with significant industry announcements.

Specific Studies and Insights

  • CoSchedule: An analysis of over 10,000 marketing campaigns found that Tuesday is the most popular day for product launches and marketing campaigns, followed by Wednesday​ (Admissions)​.
  • HubSpot: Recommends Tuesdays and Wednesdays for email marketing campaigns and product launches due to higher open rates and engagement mid-week​ (Admissions)​.


While Tuesday and Wednesday generally emerge as the best days to launch, it’s crucial to consider your specific audience, industry, and any external factors that might affect the success of your launch. Conducting A/B tests or reviewing past campaign performances can also provide valuable insights tailored to your situation.