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Fit And Fabulous; Explore Workout Apps to Level Up Fitness Game


Sports enthusiasts are built differently, in their way of consuming entertainment, staying updated with their beloved sports, and following their role models to step on the path to become the next sensation in the realm of sports, it is an adrenaline-pumping journey that they undertake. 

It is certainly not easy being a sports lover, imagine you are so invested in following every match and have a keen eye on every single development that is happening around in the chaotic and exhilarating sports world. But amid your busy life, you may face some occasional hurdles while pursuing your unstoppable streaming of sports. Especially if you binge-watch Kayo Sports. 

You may face some potential geo-restrictions along the way, therefore always stay vigilant and opt for the Best VPN for Kayo Sports. Likewise, if you truly are a frolic, you may have given a thought to start the workout. But the sweat and tears it all takes have stopped you from following a daily workout routine. 

Regardless of our wishful thinking, workout, and staying fit is directly proportional, and requires you to take a leap and move to burn some damn calories! We fancy it if it was that easy, and fun. Hey! Chill out! In this era of technology, no wish of yours can be considered as way too impractical. Even your workout has become fun and staying classy and fabulous is not dreadful anymore! 

How? Well, have you heard of workout apps? There are tons of them! If you just simply search for one, you’ll be flooded with the overwhelming choices you have got. But easy! We have sorted that out for you. With these carefully picked apps, you can level up your game of fitness just like you do in video games! Because this advancing by leaps and bounds is what keeps us motivated, ain’t it? 

So, buckle up, get ready to move in a fun manner, and shed some calories on the way. Grab your cellphone and simply download these cited apps that will act as your trainer and keep track of all your movements like a pro! 


This innovative app monitors your workout routine by detecting your movements. It keeps you engaged through fun games like exercises, that too daily. For instance, the very first day tasks for you may include doing a set of 8 pushups, 8 squats, around 3k steps, and a dance move. Moreover, it also counts your active movements, which refers to any movement after sitting for a longer period. 

This is not it, it also gives you a clear demonstration through visuals, just tap on a pushup icon, and it will give you instructions on how to do it, and then put the phone in your pocket and begin to do it, and it will count and display a YOU DID IT banner on your screen! Moreover, you can earn coins after achieving your goals which upon redeeming give you interesting rewards like a Starbucks Card and many more. 

This is not it, you can connect with your pals, discover new workout buddies, create your leaderboard, and indulge in a healthy competition! This app is free to download and has a premium plan too! 


Treeceps is a wonderful app, it lets you create your own wonderful and exotic virtual world by just seeing you growing and strengthening in real life. For instance, the daily steps that you take will help you in growing grass in your virtual world. Moreover, the polygonal animals that are straying around in that world, would act as your trainer, commenting on your activities and giving you needed bits of advice at the moment. 

Upon spending some good time in the app, you are also rewarded with some Gardens of Gain sort of bonuses. What is more intriguing is that the plants in your garden will have witty names like Lily of The Cardiose and Walky.

The workout lessons are also available on it if you wish to follow its instructions. This is available for free and has a premium package too with more valuable insights. 

Nerd Fitness Journey 

If you are hunting for a playful and a bit of imaginative approach to include in your workout routine then Nerd Fitness Journey is your way to go! Commencing with the Nerd philosophy, you will earn XP rewards for achieving various common workout targets. 

Here in the intro, the famous franchises are also mentioned and given a peek to welcome all the nerdy pals. You are also given an opportunity to bespoke your avatar, utilizing accessories from the loots of the crates of heroes. You can pick from stuff like giant hammers, sash belts, and many more. 

Instead of following a pre scheduled workout routine, it enables you with journey adventures, where you are supposed to do any of your favored movements, be it walking or simply indulging in any activity. You are encouraged to stay agile by getting a lovely loot after accomplishing your journey. 

Although it demands a subscription, it also lets you have a free trial. 

Wrapping Up 

If you want to get fit and fabulous then you don’t necessarily have to go to the gym, because why the hassle when your workout trainee and the motivation are just living in your pocket?

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