Don’t Settle for Less: Why Choosing Genuine OEM Parts Matters for Your EDCO, JLG, Multiquip, and Wacker Neuson Equipment


When it comes to maintaining the operational efficiency and longevity of your heavy equipment, the importance of using genuine OEM parts cannot be overstated. Whether you own EDCO, JLG, Multiquip, or Wacker Neuson machinery, opting for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts ensures that your equipment functions as it was designed to, without the pitfalls associated with aftermarket parts.

Genuine Quality and Compatibility

OEM parts are designed specifically for your model of equipment, guaranteeing a perfect fit and optimal functionality. These parts are the exact ones used during the assembly of your machinery, which means they have the ideal design and engineering backing them. This compatibility significantly reduces the risk of damage caused by incompatible parts, which can often lead to costly repairs down the line.

Maintain Your Warranty and Value

Using genuine OEM parts helps in maintaining your equipment’s warranty. Most manufacturers require the use of OEM parts in order to keep the warranty valid. Additionally, equipment that retains its original parts generally holds better resale value. Should you decide to sell your machinery later, potential buyers are likely to pay more for equipment that has been maintained with OEM parts, seeing it as a reliable investment.

Dependable Performance

By choosing OEM parts for your equipment, you are selecting parts that have been rigorously tested and approved by the manufacturer. This assurance translates into dependable, efficient performance and longevity of your machinery. Whether it’s EDCO scarifier parts for pavement maintenance or JLG lift parts for aerial work platforms, the right OEM parts ensure that your equipment operates at peak performance, avoiding the downtime that often comes with inferior aftermarket products.

Ease of Ordering and Support

With modern parts lookup and ordering systems, such as those provided by TMS Equip, acquiring the right OEM parts is more convenient than ever. These systems allow you to search by make, model, and serial number, ensuring you get the exact part needed for your equipment. Furthermore, customer support is readily available, whether you need help finding a part or require a parts book for machines not listed online.

Environmental Impact

Using genuine OEM parts also has a positive impact on the environment. These parts typically last longer than their aftermarket counterparts, reducing waste and the frequency of replacements. Additionally, maintaining your equipment in top condition can lead to better fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Reduced Risk of Equipment Failure

Genuine OEM parts are manufactured to meet strict standards for quality and reliability. By using these parts, you minimize the risk of unexpected equipment failures that can lead to costly downtime and disrupt project timelines. Aftermarket parts, although cheaper, might not be subject to the same rigorous testing, increasing the likelihood of malfunctions and failures during critical operations.

Improved Safety

Safety is paramount in any operation involving heavy machinery. OEM parts are specifically designed to meet the safety requirements set by the manufacturer. Using genuine parts ensures that the safety mechanisms built into your machinery remain intact, thereby protecting operators and other workers on your site from potential accidents caused by part failures.

Access to the Latest Upgrades

Manufacturers often update parts over time to improve performance or resolve issues found in previous versions. By purchasing OEM parts, you are more likely to receive the most current version of the part, which can include important enhancements that boost efficiency or reduce the likelihood of breakdowns.

In conclusion, the benefits of using OEM parts for your EDCO, JLG, Multiquip, and Wacker Neuson equipment cannot be understated. From ensuring optimal performance and maintaining warranty coverage to supporting environmental sustainability, genuine OEM parts are an investment in the longevity and efficiency of your machinery.

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