Lower Back Pain Specialist in Indiana – Why You Should See One?

    Seeing a lower back pain specialist in Indiana is necessary to restore your quality of life. Read this blog to find out the reasons why you should see one.

    Seeing a lower back pain specialist in Indiana is necessary if you have persistent lower back pain for weeks or even just days. After all, pain may be signaling toward an underlying condition. Besides, if you don’t treat your lower back pain on time, it can hamper your mobility and quality of life. 

    “Every 1 in 13 people experiences Lower Back Pain and it is the leading cause of disabilities worldwide.” – World Health Organization (WHO).

    Is it your first time going to a lower back pain doctor? You may be wondering why even go to one. Can’t I just consult any primary care physician? Well, here are the answers you seek. In this blog, we are going to discuss the reasons why you should see a lower back pain specialist in Indiana.

    Why Should You See a Lower Back Pain Specialist in Indiana?

    Lower back pain is not like any other muscle or joint pain. And you can’t ignore it like other pains. After all, your spinal nerves, muscles, or joints may be involved. So, instead of hoping that back pain will go away on its own, you should see a lower back pain specialist in Indiana. Most people are confused about whether they should see a specialist or not. However, you should – no matter how severe or mild your pain is. Here are some reasons why you should see a back pain specialist in Indiana:

    • Accurate Diagnosis

    You can go to a general doctor of diagnosis. However, the accuracy of results will always be questionable. After all, only professionals – lower back pain specialists in Indiana – have the expertise and experience to identify the exact root cause leading to pain in the lumbar spine (lower back) region. Using advanced diagnostic technology, such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans, they deliver precise results. Other than these, their diagnosis is also based on the physical examination of the patient and their medical history.

    • Diverse Treatment Options

    Going to a certified lower back pain specialist in Indiana is also necessary because they offer a variety of treatment options for different spinal/lower back conditions. Moreover, professionals don’t just rely on traditional methods. In fact, they always stay updated with the most efficient, less painful treatment methods to ensure faster healing. They prioritize patient well-being and make sure that the treatment option they select – invasive or non-invasive – leads to successful recovery. The treatment options mainly include:

    • Invasive or minimally invasive surgeries
    • Pain Management prescriptions
    • Physical therapy and exercises
    • Customized Treatment Plan

    One thing about skilled lower back pain specialists in Indiana: they never rely on a one-treatment-fits-all approach. You will never see them using a single treatment plan for every patient. After all, they know that every patient is different and so are their needs. Therefore, they personalize each treatment plan based on the condition of the patient and the severity of the pain. Moreover, the treatment they devise are usually based on the patient’s initial diagnosis. 

    • Advanced Surgical Solutions

    In complex cases, where medications and physical therapy fail to relieve the pain, surgery becomes the only option. While surgical interventions are considered the last resort in treating lower back pain, they become necessary in severe cases. Besides, instead of completely invasive methods, most professionals go for advanced, minimally invasive methods. This is because they eliminate the need for long incisions. Also, these methods tend to cause less bleeding, less tissue trauma, and faster recoveries. In other words, minimally invasive techniques are less painful and more effective.

    • Continuous Support & Care

    A professional lower back pain specialist in Indiana doesn’t just focus on treating the patient. In fact, their top focus is to provide the patient with holistic care for their overall condition. Lower back pain is not like any regular pain. It impacts the mobility of the person dealing with it as well as its irritable enough to affect their mental health. Also, the patient needs to be critically taken care of after the treatment to ensure faster recovery. Therefore, professionals devise a thorough post-treatment care plan that covers everything – from physical activity to nutrition – to ensure fast and smooth recovery.

    When You Should See a Lower Back Pain Specialist in Indiana?

    You know why you should see a lower back pain specialist but do you know when? Well, ideally, it is better that you visit a back pain specialist if the pain is impacting your comfort. Besides, there are some signs that you should never ignore as they may be indications of a bigger problem. Here are some of them:

    • Pain persists for more than two weeks
    • Fever along with lower back pain
    • Loss of bladder or bowel control
    • Pain and numbness traveling to legs
    • Lower back pain after a trauma

    If any your lower back pain is accompanied by any of these signs, it is better you don’t ignore them and see a specialist immediately. You can trust your specialist to analyze your symptoms and provide the best treatment plan accordingly.

    Self-Care Tips to Manage Lower Back Pain

    Seeing a lower back pain specialist in Indiana is very important to relieve pain and restore your quality of life. However, you can also manage pain to an extent with self-care. Yes, that’s true! Back pain is manageable at home. And by at-home care we don’t mean bed rest. In fact, many professionals suggest that excessive bed rest can worsen the condition.

    “Staying active is better in lower back pain conditions is better than complete bed rest.” –  says Dr. Guo, Physiatrist

    So, you should incorporate gentle exercises and physical activities into your routine. Apart from this, you can also relieve pain with a cold or heat compress.

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