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    Is Black Tea Better Than Coffee? Let’s Settle This Once for All!


    Is black tea better than coffee? Here is a comparison of the taste, health benefits and caffeine content of both drinks so you can choose which one is better. 

    Is black tea better than coffee? This is a never-ending debate between coffee and tea lovers. While both give a nice caffeine kick and a flavorful sipping experience to the drinkers, coffee and tea lovers are always ready for a smackdown – rooting for their favorite beverage. So, here we are, settling this rivalry once and for all. Keep reading to find out if black tea is better. Or does coffee deserve the title of the best drink of all time? 

    The Battle Begins: Is Black Tea Better Than Coffee?

    When it comes to the question: is black tea better than coffee? Everyone has their preference. Some people love to start their day with a delightful cup of Joe while some love their black tea more than every beverage. 

    Do You Know? Both black tea and coffee are associated with alertness and cognitive performance


    Are you team black tea or team black coffee? Well, tea lovers are always ready to bash coffee lovers. Similarly, coffee lovers don’t miss any chance of coming at tea drinkers. It’s been like this since day one and God knows until when people will be knocking each other out based on their choice of beverage. We can’t side with one specific drink but here we are comparing both beverages based on their taste and benefits. You are the judge here; read along and decide which one wins the battle.

    Round 1: The Battle of Flavor

    In round one of: is black tea better than coffee? Let’s compare the flavor profile of both drinks and see which one is better. If you are wondering which one has a stronger flavor, coffee takes the score. But what matters is which drink is better tasting. Well, both coffee and black tea offer distinct flavor profiles. Moreover, coffee is known for its bold, rich – bitter, and smoky – taste. Its bitterness depends on the roasting level. On the other hand, black tea offers more subtle yet complex flavors. The flavors of black tea can vary widely based on the tea’s origin, processing method, and brewing technique.

    Here is a flavor comparison of black tea vs. coffee:

    Flavor Profiles: Black Tea vs. Coffee

    Black Tea


    Brisk or malty flavor notes, with astringent and floral undertones Notes of chocolate, nuts, or fruit; depends on the bean variety


    Round 2: Which One Is Healthier?

    The round 2 of “Is black tea better than coffee?” focuses on which beverage is a healthier option to sip on. Well, both coffee and black tea are packed with health benefits. So, this round is going to be neck and neck. Both are rich in antioxidants. Therefore, both are good for your heart health. Furthermore, black tea and coffee are good sources of polyphenols. And polyphenols are no less than a HERO; it is because they prevent the risk of chronic diseases and boost the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Plus, both support cognitive function, brain health, and mind alertness.

    Round 3: The Caffeine Showdown

    Here we are at the third level of the “Is black tea better than coffee?” battle. Well, caffeine is the strong point of both black tea and coffee. This means sipping on both gives your mind a kick of alertness. Whether you like to have black tea or a cup of coffee, both will give you the caffeine kick you seek in your drink. However, you should know (or you probably already know) that coffee has a higher caffeine content. So, what’s a better drink for you depends on how much caffeine intake you prefer. Besides, caffeine gives you an energy boost and kickstarts your day in the best way.

    Black Tea vs. Coffee: Caffeine Content per 100g

    40 mg

    Black Tea



    Quick Question: Can we add sugar in black tea?

    Many people wonder: Can we add sugar in black tea? Those who have a sweet tooth love sugar in everything, be it desserts, coffee, or black tea. If you are one of those people, here’s the good news: you can add sugar to your cup of black tea! Click here to explore black teas

    The Tie-Breaker: Is Black Tea Better than Coffee?

    So, who wins this battle? Black tea or coffee? Well, as aforementioned, choosing one winner is nearly impossible. After all, everyone has different preferences. To help you make the right judgment of this battle, we are some tie-breaker rounds:

    Black Tea vs. Black Coffee: Which is Better?

    There is another popular comparison amid the coffee vs. black tea rivalry: is black tea better than black coffee? While both black tea and black coffee are black in color, both have different tastes. Moreover, the point to note here is that black coffee is the strongest of them all. After all, it’s just coffee and water; no milk, no froth, no cream! Black tea is also strong but it can’t compete with coffee – and especially black coffee. But this can’t be the winning factor because everyone prefers different caffeine quantities in their drinks.

    Black Tea vs. Coffee: Which is More Harmful?

    We’ve discussed the plus points – the positives – of both black tea and coffee. Now, let’s take the battle to the next level with this final tie-breaker round: which one of these is more harmful? As aforementioned, both black tea and coffee have enormous health benefits. But most people don’t know about the fact that black tea and coffee can be harmful too. And it all depends on the amount in which you consume them. The key to unlocking their health benefits lies in moderate consumption. Excess of both can cause anxiety, insomnia, and increased heart rate. 

    And the Winner Is…

    Well, the winner depends on you! YOU ARE THE JUDGE of this “Is black tea better than coffee?” competition. The reason why everyone gets to decide their respective winner is because everyone has different tastes and health preferences. If you like strong flavors and more caffeine, coffee is for you. However, if you like something that’s more subtle but still strong enough to give your mind the kick it needs, you can definitely go for black tea.

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